Friday, March 4, 2005

Welcome to the Vermont Slate

This blog will chronicle the progress of the Tablet PC Program at Vermont Academy, a small independent boarding school in Saxtons River, Vermont. In my postings, you will get a healthy dose of personal opinion as well as being able to see what we are doing, what we are doing it with, and why we decided to do it that way. One of our stated goals for this project is share what we learn with other schools. Rather than wait for "success" or "completion", neither of which can really be defined in advance, I'm going to share what happens as it happens. I know I can learn from any discussion this generates too, so maybe we can have a symbiotic relationship.

Just keep in mind that the postings, and especially the opinions are those of an individual, not Vermont Academy.

We first began our project two years ago this month, making us one of the first schools in the nation to commit to this exciting educational technology. Our progress has been steady, but slow, and will continue for quite a while yet as we work our way into fully becoming a Tablet PC school.

The issues will be many and varied. Some will be technical, of course, but many will be philosophical. Some will deal with pedagogy. Others may deal with psychology. I have come to realize that a program like this can't help but touch and be touched by almost every aspect of boarding school life and that reality will be reflected in what gets posted here.

Posting may be a bit slow at first as I get everything in order, but I hope that this site will become a valuable reference site for other schools, public and private, as they look at and begin to develop their own Tablet PC programs.


  1. Congratulations for launching The Vermont Slate. Your postings and other people's comments will add invaluable insight into ways a school and its people handle new technologies. Keep up the good work. Bob

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